Source code for huntserver.info_views

from django.contrib.auth.decorators import login_required
from django.db.models.functions import Lower
from django.shortcuts import render
from django.contrib import messages
import random
import re

from .models import Hunt, Team
from .forms import PersonForm, ShibUserForm

import logging
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]def index(request): """ Main landing page view, mostly static with the exception of hunt info """ curr_hunt = Hunt.objects.get(is_current_hunt=True) team = curr_hunt.team_from_user(request.user) return render(request, "index.html", {'curr_hunt': curr_hunt, 'team': team})
[docs]def previous_hunts(request): """ A view to render the list of previous hunts, will show any hunt that is 'public' """ old_hunts = [] for hunt in Hunt.objects.all().order_by("hunt_number"): if(hunt.is_public): old_hunts.append(hunt) return render(request, "previous_hunts.html", {'hunts': old_hunts})
[docs]def registration(request): """ The view that handles team registration. Mostly deals with creating the team object from the post request. The rendered page is nearly entirely static. """ curr_hunt = Hunt.objects.get(is_current_hunt=True) team = curr_hunt.team_from_user(request.user) if(request.method == 'POST' and "form_type" in request.POST): if(request.POST["form_type"] == "new_team" and team is None): if(curr_hunt.team_set.filter(team_name__iexact=request.POST.get("team_name")).exists()): messages.error(request, "The team name you have provided already exists.") elif(re.match(".*[A-Za-z0-9].*", request.POST.get("team_name"))): join_code = ''.join(random.choice("ACDEFGHJKMNPRSTUVWXYZ2345679") for _ in range(5)) team = Team.objects.create(team_name=request.POST.get("team_name"), hunt=curr_hunt, location=request.POST.get("need_room"), join_code=join_code) request.user.person.teams.add(team)"User %s created team %s" % (str(request.user), str(team))) else: messages.error(request, "Your team name must contain at least one alphanumeric character.") elif(request.POST["form_type"] == "join_team" and team is None): team = curr_hunt.team_set.get(team_name=request.POST.get("team_name")) if(len(team.person_set.all()) >= team.hunt.team_size): messages.error(request, "The team you have tried to join is already full.") team = None elif(team.join_code.lower() != request.POST.get("join_code").lower()): messages.error(request, "The team join code you have entered is incorrect.") team = None else: request.user.person.teams.add(team)"User %s joined team %s" % (str(request.user), str(team))) elif(request.POST["form_type"] == "leave_team"): request.user.person.teams.remove(team)"User %s left team %s" % (str(request.user), str(team))) if(team.person_set.count() == 0 and team.hunt.is_locked):"Team %s was deleted because it was empty." % (str(team))) team.delete() team = None messages.success(request, "You have successfully left the team.") elif(request.POST["form_type"] == "new_location" and team is not None): old_location = team.location team.location = request.POST.get("team_location")"User %s changed the location for team %s from %s to %s" % (str(request.user), str(team.team_name), old_location, team.location)) messages.success(request, "Location successfully updated") elif(request.POST["form_type"] == "new_name" and team is not None and not team.hunt.in_reg_lockdown): if(curr_hunt.team_set.filter(team_name__iexact=request.POST.get("team_name")).exists()): messages.error(request, "The team name you have provided already exists.") else: old_name = team.team_name team.team_name = request.POST.get("team_name")"User %s renamed team %s to %s" % (str(request.user), old_name, team.team_name)) messages.success(request, "Team name successfully updated") if(team is not None): return render(request, "registration.html", {'registered_team': team, 'curr_hunt': curr_hunt}) else: teams = curr_hunt.real_teams.order_by(Lower('team_name')) return render(request, "registration.html", {'teams': teams, 'curr_hunt': curr_hunt})
[docs]@login_required def user_profile(request): """ A view to handle user information update POST data and render the user information form. """ if request.method == 'POST': uf = ShibUserForm(request.POST, instance=request.user) pf = PersonForm(request.POST, instance=request.user.person) if uf.is_valid() and pf.is_valid(): messages.success(request, "User information successfully updated.") else: context = {'user_form': uf, 'person_form': pf} return render(request, "user_profile.html", context) user_form = ShibUserForm(instance=request.user) person_form = PersonForm(instance=request.user.person) context = {'user_form': user_form, 'person_form': person_form} return render(request, "user_profile.html", context)